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What is Prestige Aquatics?

Prestige Aquatics is a full aquatic services business in Paducah, Kentucky, USA. We are striving to be the aquatic fish industry leader in both livestock supply and aquarium services. We are passionate about the fish keeping hobby because just like many of you, we have been hobbyists for most of our lives.  Fish keeping is what we love to do! Our mission is to provide high quality, healthy, premium grade fish directly to fish stores and home aquarium hobbyists, as well as equip them with the systems necessary for long term success. 


What Types of Fish Do We Sell?

At Prestige Aquatics, we specialize in rainbowfish, plecos, corydoras, show quality fancy guppies, small South and Central American cichlids, and more. Nearly every fish sold at Prestige Aquatics was bred and raised in house at our Kentucky facility. If you would like to know anything about us or have any questions about our fish, feel free to contact us under the "contact" tab in the menu.

What Else Do We Offer?

Prestige Aquatics is striving to be the industry leader in online aquarium fish sales and services. That's why we offer other products and services in addition to livestock. We offer aquarium  services for both beginner and advanced aquarists. Check out our "Aquarium Services" tab to learn more about how we can help take your fish room to the next level. We also offer other products such plants, dry goods, Sera fish foods, and merchandise. More of these products will be offered in the future. We are thankful for your support as we continue to grow!

The Prestige Promise

At Prestige Aquatics, we understand nothing is more frustrating and disheartening than ordering a fish online that doesn't meet the quality and health you were expecting. The Prestige Promise addresses this in a straight forward way:

"We guarantee our fish will meet your quality and health standards."

If our fish don't meet your standards, then we will make it right either by refunding or sending a replacement. It's that simple: we want you to be happy about doing business with us. We appreciate your trust and business and want you to continue to place that trust in us going forward.

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