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Prestige Aquatics is your one stop internet shop for healthy, high quality aquarium livestock. All livestock has either been bred in house or sourced from our wholesaler, Segrest Farms, and properly quarantined. All livestock is guaranteed by the "Prestige Promise."

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Request Custom Orders!

Prestige Aquatics is an official vendor for Segrest Farms! We can fill most of your custom order requests. Please reach out to us about any fish you are interested in, and we will let you know about availability and provide a quote if the fish is available! We place orders to Segrest at least once a month so let us know with plenty of advance notice and we will get it for you! Due to the time and effort required to fulfill one of theses custom orders, we respectfully ask that you reach a minimum order size of $100.

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At Prestige Aquatics, we supply aquatic livestock to fish stores and hobbyists alike! We have the opportunity to provide tremendous value to any fish store through our wholesale program. We are unlike most wholesalers because we are focused and committed to fish health. Our wholesale program entails a quarantine and medication process similar to one of a home hobbyist. We isolate fish after arrival and medicate/monitor them for a set period of time before they go out to your store. This immensely lowers risk for any fish store and ensures that the fish received are in top condition. 


Are you interested in buying fish wholesale from Prestige Aquatics? Contact us today to get started!

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