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Welcome to Prestige Aquatics, the one stop internet shop for healthy, high-quality aquarium fish and aquarium services. Our mission is to provide anything you need to create your dream fish room. Whether it's high-quality livestock or full fish room systems, we're here to support you on your journey to achieving your dream fish room.


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The Prestige Promise

At Prestige Aquatics, we understand nothing is more frustrating and disheartening than ordering a fish online that doesn't meet the quality and health you were expecting. The Prestige Promise addresses this with the following:

"We guarantee our fish will meet your quality and health standards."

If our fish don't meet your standards, then we will make it right either by refunding or sending a replacement. It's that simple: we want you to be happy about doing business with us. We appreciate your trust and business and want you to continue to place that trust in us going forward.

Prestige Aquatics specializes as a full aquarium service. From setting up automatic water change and racking systems to installing a home display aquarium, let us assist you in taking your fish room to the next level. Select an option below to get started today!


Do you need help with a specific inquiry? Feel free to contact us through our help form below or reach out directly to one of the company executives.


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