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Are you looking to scale your aquatic business? A fish room upgrade with Prestige Aquatics is a great place to start! An upgrade to your system will provide you the time needed to focus on what matters.

Services Provided

  • Full fish room/store setups

  • Automatic water change installation

  • Custom aquarium racking systems

  • Drilling/plumbing aquariums

  • Carbon block/sediment filter installation

  • Fill and drainage systems

  • Sump installation

  • Consulting and conceptual design

  • Aquatic system design


All aquarium services will come with a full Prestige Aquatics quality assurance guarantee. We take pride in our work and are confident it will meet the quality standards of your business!


If it pertains to aquariums or aquarium systems, we can do it! Reach out to us to start scaling your business today!

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