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DOA (Dead On Arrival) Policy


Fish dead on arrival is an extremely unfortunate part of the online fish industry. However don't let this deter you from buying fish online! The quality and the health of the fish are usually much better than they would be from a local fish supplier. We also take special precautions to make sure your fish arrive safely! We provide a DOA policy to encourage you to feel protected when buying fish from us. The policy is as follows:

DOA Policy:

If you encounter any fish/shrimp dead on arrival, please email us within two hours of the package being delivered according to the tracking information. Please attach photos or video of the dead fish/shrimp in the email and provide a brief explanation. A store credit will be awarded but shipping will not be covered for replacement livestock. In some cases and at our discretion, we may offer to refund the cost of the animal.

At Prestige Aquatics, our standard shipping rate to anywhere in the continental United States is $65 and varies based on location. Any order is subject to additional shipping fees due to excessive distance or weather. We require this shipping on all livestock purchases. All fish ship the Monday following your order placement. We take orders until 5PM CST every Sunday for shipment on Monday (sometimes a late order will still make the cut!). If the temperature in your area is too hot or too cold during the primary shipping window, we will reach out to try to reschedule shipping. This is because we want your fish to arrive to you healthy and well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I just ordered! When will my fish ship?

All fish ship the Monday following your order placement. We take orders until 5PM CST every Sunday for shipment on Monday (sometimes a late order will still make the cut!). Your fish will be shipped at 1-2 day UPS shipping and are covered by a full arrive alive guarantee!

What happens if my fish arrive dead?

Please see our DOA policy above for any inquiries regarding dead fish. We do our best here to make sure your fish arrive healthy! If you are unsure whether you are eligible for the DOA guarantee, reach out to us! We want to make sure you have a good experience shopping with us and will try to make right anything that doesn't go as expected!

My fish don't look exactly like the fish in the pictures:

The pictures representing the fish are of adult fish. They have had time to fully mature into their final form! All fish you receive from us are from that exact strain of fish. However, there will always be variations of color, pattern, size, and age. We guarantee that your fish will be top quality! Some fish we send out younger than others so that you can maximize your breeding potential (see below).

My guppies seem small/young:

When we send fish (especially guppies), we want to give you the most time available breeding and enjoying the fish. That's why we try to send young fish! The pictures representing the fish are of adult fish, typically around 9-10 months of age. We try to send out 3-5 month fish so that you can have the largest amount of time breeding the fish. Even though they look small, they should start breeding almost immediately!

How do I place a custom order?

We do our best at Prestige Aquatics to fulfill every custom order request we receive. Even though this takes a large effort on our part, we want to provide top quality service to our customers. We think this sets us apart from other fish vendors. If you want to place a custom order, reach out to us through any of the contact forms on the site or the contact information listed under "Contact Us" for pricing and availability. We would love to help with any request you have!

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